Meet The Maker

HI! I'm Rosie.

I was born into a creative family. My Dad was a potter & musician, my uncle a sculpter, My grandfather a landscape painter and my mum creates beauty all around her! I was immersed in the creative use of natural materials throughout my childhood, and naturally gravitated towards 3D craft as my career. Since graduating BA (hons) Design Crafts in 2003 I have been creating and selling jewellery from my studio. 

In my work I express the two sides of my character: a perfectionist’s eye for detail and a sense of exuberance.

The very first thing I set in silver was a cowrie shell! For as long as i can remember i have loved cowrie shells. As a child when i was at my Granny's house i would ask for her to get an old teal bag down from the top of her wardrobe which was full of Cowries! I loved plunging my little hands in and feeling them surrounded by cowries, then i would pour them out listening to the sound they made rubbing against each other and finally i would arrange them into patterns on the floor. I have recently discovered that this bag of cowries belonged to my mothers Grandma, before my Granny and now my children can play with them at my mums (their Nanny's) house!

Senegal and its culture are an integral part of my life. The first time I visited in 1998 I fell in love with the heat, colour, music, food, fabric. The complete opposite to the lush green, quiet oxfordshire countryside i grew up in. I have been visiting Senegal regularly for the last 21 years to train in Senegal’s unique and exciting style of drumming and dance called Sabar and now to spend time with my family in Dakar.

When i was studying for my degree i discovered felt, it can be moulded into any shape, dyed any colour and can be used to make anything from Jewellery to Gers (Mongolian felt houses). I find it exciting to combine the soft textures and striking colours of felt with the perfect hard reflective surface of polished silver.

I grew up in the oxfordshire countryside and every summer had camping holidays in Rhossili on the gower peninsula where i spent many happy hours with my nose to the ground searching for treasure. The perfection of these naturally occurring materials inspires me; fossils, pebbles, sea-glass, shells and semi-precious stones that are unusual shapes or are still in their raw form.

Before starting my family and moving to Bristol 8 years ago, I taught jewellery making, printed and constructed textiles, felt making, drawing and West African Sabar drumming at the local art school and arts centre and many workshop days in schools, nurseries and day centres.